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Public Sans download

Public Sans is the typeface used across all NSW Government branded communications.

Typography plays a key role in ensuring information is legible and accessible to customers. Public Sans is a free, open source typeface, to be used across all levels of our brand, making information clear and easy to read.

Please download the typeface below and follow the directions to install it.


Download the new font


Test it!

Check if you can select "Public Sans" as a font in Word, Powerpoint, or you design software.

You may need to restart Word, Powerpoint, or Outlook to use the new font.

Alternate typeface

As Public Sans is not a standard system font, it may not always be available; for example, when presentations or documents are sent to a third-party that do not have Public Sans installed. In these cases, when a fall back or alternate font is required, our alternate font is Arial which is available on all operating systems. Arial is only to be used when Public Sans is not available.

Giving feedback

It's important for us to know if you are having any difficulties with this typeface. If you are having any problems, please contact: