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Design System v3.16.1

NSW Design System

The NSW Design System is a toolkit to help digital product teams create good customer experiences quickly.

Following the NSW Government Brand Framework, the NSW Design System will assist you to apply the NSW Government brand prominently and consistency across all digital government communications.


Who, what and how of the NSW Design System.

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Getting started

Step-by-step guides to get you up and running with the NSW Design System.



Stay on brand 🔹

You’ll need to use some features of the design system to be brand compliant. These are indicated with a 🔹 blue diamond.

Core styles

Core styles create the distinctly NSW Government look and feel.


Best practice design solutions for specific user-focused tasks and page types.


Sample templates using the design system components and style to help you build pages.

Keep up to date with releases and what’s on the roadmap.
Collaborate, share and learn with teams across NSW Government.
Follow our dev work in progress, report bugs and make code contributions.
View and raise issues and bugs through our Issues tracker on Github
We welcome all contributions to the NSW design system.
Anyone can suggest a new component or feature.