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Design System v3.17.4

Propose a new component

Anyone can propose a new component for the design system.

To be successful, proposals need to show that the component being suggested would be useful and unique.

Follow the 3 steps to propose a component or pattern for the design system.

Check the community and backlog

Check the Community and backlog to ensure that your suggestion has not already been made.

Then determine:

  • If there is an existing component that will meet your needs
  • If there is existing research or discussion around a similar component on the Digital NSW community

Propose your component

Propose your component along with evidence of the user need it will help solve, as well as any links to examples of it in use, or screenshots.


All proposals will be open for community feedback and further contribution.

The design system team will assess your proposal and community input, and should it be successful, your component will be added to the backlog for development.


The Digital NSW Community brings together like-minded digital creators to collaborate, share and leverage learnings to create better customer experiences.

We encourage you to ask questions, pose problems/solutions and share your work so we can grow the design system.