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Design System v3.17.2

Build a new component

Build your component using styles and functionality that is distinctly NSW

All components must meet the contribution criteria before it can be published.

To be considered for inclusion in the design system, all components must be useful and unique.

Follow these 5 steps to build a new component for the design system:

Check that it does not already exist

Your component could already exist or be in the process of development.

Check existing components to be sure. You should also check for any research or discussion around a similar component in the Digital NSW community.

Engage the community

Post your initial proposal, addressing how it is useful and unique, along with any early wireframes or mockups to the Digital NSW community in the suggest a component thread.

This will help your process and the community by:

  • Creating a forum to get continual feedback and support as you build your component.
  • Providing a platform for teams to share their findings and research with you to assist with the development of the component.
  • Visibility that the component is being worked on so there is no duplication of effort.

Build the component

Our design system has been purpose-built with styles and functionality that is distinctly NSW. Following these will ensure you meet the required design standards and maintain a high level of accessibility required for all NSW digital products and services.

How to build your component:

  • Ensure the component meets the contribution criteria
  • Use our design system styles (colour, grid, typography etc)
  • Use and modify existing components where possible (also available as a Figma UI Kit)
  • Utilise existing design tokens and helper classes.
  • Follow the css code style

Share progress with the community

As you create the component, post your progress and any developments including research, design decisions and use cases to keep the community up to date.

This may be in the form of a code snippet, screenshots, sketch/figma files or written text on your research with references. This gives members of the community a chance to respond and share any work they may have done in the past on a similar component.

Get ready to go live

As you finalise your component, we'll work with you to review and build it into the design system. If your contribution is successful, it will become part of a backlog of components we are developing to support teams making services across NSW.


The Digital NSW Community brings together like-minded digital creators to collaborate, share and leverage learnings to create better customer experiences.

We encourage you to ask questions, pose problems/solutions and share your work so we can grow the design system.