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Design System v3.17.0


Designing using common approaches

Where existing components or patterns do not meet the needs of your users or unique project, designers can create custom solutions by extending on the core elements of the NSW Design System.

When designing custom solutions, ensure you align to the 🔹 blue diamond features (for brand requirements) and the graphic elements that underpin our design language, to ensure you create solutions that are consistent with the NSW look and feel.

Instead of starting from scratch, utilise already built components and customise to meet your user need. This helps to create consistent services for users and saves time and effort by building with already tested and accessible solutions.

Our community is a great first point of call to explore and ask teams who have faced similar user needs or researched similar solutions. We encourage re-use when designing to keep experiences consistent across NSW Government digital platforms.

Core styles

Raw ingredients of the NSW Design System - Core styles communicate the NSW Government visual identify by defining the look and feel of digital platforms.


Serving suggestions using the NSW Design System foundations - components are examples of assembled core styles to support the build of user interfaces. They are designed as building blocks to be re-used and adapted (where required) to meet specific user needs while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

UX Guidance

Recipes for implementing the NSW Design System for your users - Each core style and component contains guidance, based on evidence, to help guide when it should be used and how it meets user needs. Following these principles will ensure consistent and accessible user experiences across NSW Government digital products and services.

Contributing back

Whether proposing a component or building a new one, its your contribution that will help us deliver better services for NSW.

If you build a component or user journey that doesn’t exist in the NSW Design System, please share it with us via the community or email us at digital@customerservice.nsw.gov.au. Your contributions help us grow the design system and help others create engaging and user-focused NSW Government digital products and services.