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Figma UI Kit

Using with documentation

The Figma UI Kit should not be used in isolation. Our core styles and components go beyond just look-and-feel. To produce quality user experiences, read the documentation and understand the usage and behaviour of each style and component.

Infographic of core style and component guidance and resources layers

Get the kit

The NSW Design System UI Kit is available in Figma and contains all the design assets required to design, prototype and share.

1. Sign up to Figma
You can create a free Figma Starter account and join our community to receive updates and collaborate with other NSW Design System users.

2. Install font
The Design System Figma UI Kit uses the Public Sans font family. To use the typeface in Figma, download and install Public Sans.

3. Install the UI Kit
The UI Kit has been built as a Figma project and can be shared to the Dashboard of your account. To share the project send your Figma account email address to digital@customerservice.nsw.gov.au.

4. Set up the Asset Library
Once you have added the UI Kit to your account, follow the instructions on the Getting Started page in Figma to set up the Asset library and colour theming.

Version updates

Updates are pushed automatically to the Figma UI Kit. Guidance for reviewing and accepting the updates can be found on the Getting Started page in Figma.

A full log of Figma UI Kit changes are available on Github.

Get started with Figma

Figma has developed some easy to follow guides and video tutorials that step you through different processes:

You'll also find some great resources on LinkedIn Learning and we encourage you to connect with our community to share experiences and ask questions.

Sharing the file

Once you have access you can share it with other members in your team from within your Figma account. From your Figma dashboard, select the ‘NSW Design System’ project in your left-hand panel (do not share from within the file as this will limit access). Select ‘Share’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen and enter the enter the email addresses you wish to share the project to.

To view the UI Kit without it being added to your account, you can access the View Only Design System Figma UI Kit.