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Design System v3.17.0

Graphic elements

🔹 Needed for NSW Government Branding

Give your product a distinctly NSW look and feel

Graphic elements are small design details which make your work recognisable as NSW Government. They play an important role creating consistency across interactions and hierarchy, and are required to meet digital branding.

Logo positioning

Position the NSW Government logo in the top left, and use a clear space equal to 100% of the width of the ‘N’. From 1st December 2021, don't use 'lock up' logos with a line and department name.

Full requirements can be found in the Logo guidance. Using the header component will automatically give you a brand compliant logo.

Waratah logo spacing diagram

Border radius

Use a 4px border radius on clickable containers and inputs. This reinforces to the user that the element is interactive, such as:

Drop shadow

Use a drop shadow for 'floating' objects which are dismissable, such as:





X: 0
Y: 4
Blur: 12
Spread: 0
Colour: Black (#000000)
Opacity: 15%

Select element and apply Floating drop shadow style under Effects.

Figma screenshot of drop shadow style displayed under Effects



The "Line System"

The NSW brand line is a consistent use of the line system to aid hierarchy and navigation in digital. It's applied as a solid border on one side of an object or container. It's width can be 2px, 4px or 6px depending on where it is being used. You can use it to:

  • aid information hierarchy
  • support navigational structure
  • highlight an active nav item
  • segment sections of content
  • separate blocks of content




Width: 2px, 4px or 6px
Colour: Brand Accent
Minimum padding from text: 16px

View Helper classes


Examples of the brand line adding visual consistency can be seen in the tabs, card, and in-page navigation components.

Vacant land

The FHBAS applies to vacant land on which you plan to build your home.

You won’t pay any transfer duty if your land is valued at less than $350,000. For land valued between $350,000 and $450,000, you’ll receive a concessional rate.

New and existing homes

As a first home buyer, you may be eligible for a transfer duty concession or exemption.

  • If your home is valued at less than $650,000, you can apply for a full exemption so that you don’t have to pay transfer duty.
  • If the value of your home is between $650,000 and $800,000, you can apply for a concessional rate of transfer duty. The amount you’ll have to pay will be based on the value of your home.

Knockdown rebuild

If you’re like many Sydney homeowners, you wish you had a more spacious and luxurious home. The problem is, you don’t want to give up your prized location!
KnockDown Rebuild by Metricon gives you the best of both worlds.

Sections and banners can also be used to apply the line system to segment content.