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Colour plays an important role in creating a consistent and strong visual identify for NSW Government digital products and services.

Design System base colour theme

The design system contains a colour framework using NSW Government brand colours, which may be changed if your brand classification allows.

The default colours reflect masterbrand corporate colour usage. It uses blues, reds and greys from the NSW Government wider colour palette to communicate a strong association with NSW Government.

Instead of using specific hex colours, using the colour framework in the design system means your styles and components will automatically re-theme if you change your core brand colours. Guidance on further theming options are available for Designing and Developing.

Brand colours

Components and core styles inherit these colours to create a consistent yet flexible theme to optimise your user's experience. The default colour palette below reflects masterbrand corporate colour usage. Visit the theming gudiance for Designing and Developing for how you can adapt your brand colour palette based on your brand classification.

You don't need to use hex colours in code

Use either CSS variables (below) or, if you're creating a one-off layout, you can use our helper classes for dark, light, and supplementary colours.

By using CSS variables, any branding or theming changes will automatically reflect in your product. See CSS variables below, or see the Utility classes docs.

Swatch Colour Value (Hex) CSS variable

Brand Dark

Blue 01 (#002664)


Brand Light

Blue 04 (#CBEDFD)


Brand Supplementary

Blue 02 (#146CFD)


Brand Accent

Red 02 (#D7153A)


Grey colours

Used for backgrounds, borders and divider lines to build contrast within content and components for a structured interface. Additional swatches of black and off white have been added to the digital palette to allow for greater contrast to be applied.



Hex value

CSS variable




Grey 01



Grey 02

#495054 --nsw-palette-grey-02
Grey 03 #CDD3D6 --nsw-palette-grey-03
Grey 04 #EBEBEB --nsw-palette-grey-04

Off white






Text colours

This set of text colours have a ratio of at least 4.5:1 (or 3:1 for text larger than 18 point) to met Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

Interaction colours are in addition to the NSW Government colour palette to maintain consistent and accessible text and not conflict with brand colours.



Hex value

CSS variable

Text dark
For use on light backgrounds



Text light
For use on dark backgrounds



Text focus



Text hover background

rgb(0, 133, 179, 0.2)


Text visited



Status colours

Status colours are only to be used when providing contextual or transactional feedback to the user. Refer to individual colours below for when each should be used. Components using these colours also contain usage guidance.

These are in addition to the NSW Government colour palette to maintain a strong connection to their status and not conflict with brand colours. They should not be used outside their status meaning.



Hex value

CSS variable

Info Blue
Highlight non-critical information



Info Blue Bg



Success Green
Communicate a successful action



Success Green Bg



Warning Orange
Warn of possible negative outcome



Warning Orange Bg



Error Red
Alert of an immediate error or blocker

#B81237 --nsw-status-error-red

Error Red Bg

#F7E7EB --nsw-status-error-red-bg

NSW Government colour palette

Use these colours to create your own NSW Design System theme. See theming guidance for designers or theming guidance for developers.



Hex value

CSS variable

Grey 01



Grey 02



Grey 03



Grey 04



Green 01



Green 02



Green 03



Green 04



Teal 01



Teal 02



Teal 03



Teal 04



Blue 01



Blue 02



Blue 03



Blue 04



Purple 01



Purple 02



Purple 03



Purple 04



Pink 01



Pink 02



Pink 03



Pink 04



Red 01



Red 02



Red 03



Red 04



Orange 01



Orange 02



Orange 03



Orange 04



Yellow 01



Yellow 02



Yellow 03



Yellow 04



Brown 01



Brown 02



Brown 03



Brown 04